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                Clinical decision support

                CDA Knowledge Networks has created a number of new media products tailored for the Canadian dental professional under the ‘JCDA Oasis’ banner.

                These include CDA Essentials / L’essentiel de l’ADC magazine, the Oasis Discussions community of practice website.

                These media have been designed to promote the sharing of good existing knowledge in formats that are user-friendly for the busy practitioner.

                Oasis Discussions

                Oasis Discussions is a community-building website that answers dentists’ clinical questions, discusses issues related to the profession, voices dentists’ experiences, and features developments in the dental profession and industry.


                Community Focused

                User Feedback

                News and Updates

                Point of



                JCDA.ca (Journal of the Canadian Dental Association) is the flagship scholarly, peer-reviewed publication of CDA, providing dialogue between the national association and the dental community. It is dedicated to publishing worthy scientific and clinical articles and informing dentists of issues significant to the profession.


                Peer Review

                User Feedback

                Point of Care

                CDA Essentials

                CDA Essentials is the official print publication of CDA, providing dialogue between the national association and the dental community. Published 8 times per year in both English and French, CDA Essentials is dedicated to keeping dentists informed about news, issues and clinically relevant information.


                Print Publication

                News and Updates

                Point of Care

                ? 2017 JCDA Oasis

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